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Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 01:25:03 -0400 (EDT)

Dear All,

I want to let you know of another of those free donation sites that I learned about today. As with similar sites, when you click on a button on the screen, corporate (or other) sponsors will make a donation to a particular cause. Generally, you can do this once per day (for any given site). In return, the sponsors benefit from the advertising on and good will generated by the site.
The site is:
Click on the leaf on the screen, and sponsors will make donations to the Environmental Resources Trust (ERT), an organization that will use the donations to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the most significant contributor to climate change (I think ERT does this by purchasing carbon dioxide emissions permits that allow their holders to produce a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing the number of emission permits on the market, though I am not certain).
To remind you of other free donation sites:

The Hunger Site
(donations to the UN's World Food Program)

Relieve Hunger
(this site has links to 5 free donation sites)

Free Donation
(can contribute to 8 causes; unique site to my knowledge in allowing very many donations per day -- most of these sites only accept one donation per computer per day)

Save the Rainforests
(helping to preserve rainforests)

Cause an Affect
(donations go to help victims in of a horrendous cyclone late last year in the Indian state of Orissa)

Pass on word about these sites. The more people who know about them and visit them, the greater effect the sites will have -- the more food distributed to the hungry, the more rainforest protected, the more money to AIDS research, the more vaccines to children, etc. Also, if you are in the position to be (or see whether your company will be) a sponsor of one of these sites, please give this possibility some thought (all of the sites have information on sponsoring). The sites cannot exist without sponsors, and the more sponsors there are, the greater difference each donation can make.
You might expect me to write a bit about climate change in this e-mail about a way you can help counter the greenhouse effect -- it is an enormously important issue facing us today -- but due to time constraints, that is not possible right now. I will send out an e-mail on climate change once time permits.
Thank you as always for your time and attention,



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